5 way to describe me


I am at home in the world of design. Whether it is the design of a business card or the development of a responsive website. Important for me is the principle behind it. Finding a good mix of customer wishes, target group expectations, technical standards and my own demands in order to create an efficient and targeted product.


I like to be in good communication with people. Empathic attention and transparent communication are for me the basis on which motivated work, agile action and long-term success can be achieved.

My work ethics

Let in – empathize – let go – change – track down – inquire – improve – let in again. This is the process I go into with my clients and which I live. Design is something that evolves, that wants to be questioned and explored. It’s about soft facts like emotions, sensitivities, views and hard facts like budgets, time, technical developments. What works, what doesn’t and under what conditions?


The demand to make my customers happy with what I design. That is one side. To question my work again and again, to stay in motion, to discover new things and to give new ideas or impulses beyond what is desired is the other side. As our society develops, so does design, views, demands. Here, despite all the fast pace, to remain in the power for change.


I am drawn to mindful and conscious people, companies, projects. Sustainability and protection of what is. Be it interpersonal or globally seen. One of my biggest questions is: How can I contribute with my work, with my actions to make the world a better place?


Since July 2019 | Freelance Senior Designer & Art Directrice

2011/11 –2019/06 | Senior Expert & Art Directrice Digital at Roland Berger Holding GmbH

2008/01 – 2011/10 | Entrepreneur & Media designer

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Personal interests

Besides being creative in the field of print, editorial and online design, I am very interested, educated and skilled in the following fields.
If you are interested and want do know more or network, please feel free to get in touch.

Jin Shin Jyutsu (Certified Practitioner)

Angel card reader (Certified)

Spiritual Lifecoaching (Certified Mediator & Lifecoach)

Abstract Art (self taught) – art.skarsky.com

Selection of my clients

Ariane Brenssell – kontextualisierte-traumaarbeit.de

Bundesverband Trans* – bundesverband-trans.de

Landeskoordination Trans* NRW | Netzwerk Geschlechtliche Vielfalt Trans* NRW e. V. – ngvt.nrw/Start/

Ludwig Maximilians Universität München – lmu.de

Praxis K* Stern – praxis-kstern.de

Roland Berger – rolandberger.com

Winheller Coaching – on LinkedIn

Stadtbau Hamburg – stattbau-hamburg.de

Stellar Minerals | Kristallhandel – stellarminerals.eu

Thomas Behrendt


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